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Discovering Museums in Singapore

Written by Wanda Adams

It is known as a fact that Singapore is a nation that flourishes with a vibrant and rich history. Even the fate of the country revolves around the development of commerce which was attributed to being an important part of the seaport. Going to the National Museum of Singapore would enable you to learn more about the said country. This oldest museum in the country would speak about the story of Singapore from the past up to the present day which is about its inhabitants already. It may also feature the ethnic roots the nation has which is varied and diverse in nature.

What Can You See on the National Museum of Singapore?

There are important objects which are on display at the National Museum of Singapore. Among these are the 11 national treasures which the place takes care of. Most of these items imbibe relevant historical significance that is even declared as a national treasure already by the government. This cannot be underestimated.

Every year, the National Museum would have visiting exhibitions. It focuses on the regional history of Singapore, and the totality of it as well. Currently, the themes of the museum are about the 60s. The Singapore National Museum put its spotlight there to highlight the lives of street peddlers way back in the 20th century. This was witnessed by the goers.

More than just a storehouse

Indeed, Singapore National Museum is not just a storehouse of historical artifacts. It goes beyond that for it promotes a local culture that most guests would surely learn for sure. What is even good is that it has regular performances of music and drama that visitors may be able to learn from. This is how they can discover the history of Singapore and how crucial it is to the success of the said nation.

What is even good is that the architecture of the museum is a reflection of its colonial past. It was initially established as the Raffles Library and Museum. Basically, the museum has undergone many revamping efforts and has recently gone through a substantial facelift for it is one of the parts of a million dollar modernization scheme.

What to Consider?

Anyone who plans to visit Singapore should definitely not miss the Singapore National Museum. By not going there, you somehow fail to know about the culture of the country. This attraction still continues to win many tourists. It speaks about the trials and tribulations which have been experienced by the nation, most especially throughout the whole history. From then, it has emerged victorious.

As a starter – you might want to see the highlights of the Singapore Art Museum which is the national collections of arts of Taiwan, South American, and Singapore. In there, you will be able to stumble upon almost 7750 pieces of modern contemporary art of Singapore, and Southeast Asia as well. This is known to be the expansion of the New Asian and International Contemporary Art collections. Take a look at it now!

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