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What You Can Get from the National Museum of the Civil War Soldier

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Written by Wanda Adams

In America alone, the National Museum of the Civil War Soldier is considered to be one of the most outstanding museums about the Civil War. It is a recipient of both national and international awards because of its excellence. Apart from it, this 25,000-square-foot museum is dubbed to be the home of the exhibits that feature the Remembrance Wall, The Pamplin Board Room, The Civil War Store, and the Duty Called Me Here. To see all of these, you may not need a loan advisor.

What to See in the Museum

If you intend to visit the museum yourself one day, there are expectations you are set to see. These are the following:

The Remembrance Wall. Under the words that say “In Memory of Those Who Served,” are found the names of those who did not hesitate to respond to the call of their duty in the Civil War. One good example of which is the Pamplin Historical Park which is indeed very proud to provide visitors the chance to honor their ancestors who might have played a crucial role as a Civil War Soldier.

The Pamplin Board Room. This is known to be a 1,120-square-foot interactive exhibit which concentrates on the lives of two of the most successful businessmen found in America whose name are Dr. Robert B. Pamplin Jr. and Robert B. Pamplin. This exhibit has a touch-screen kiosk, books, awards, photographs, 13 wall panels with Presidential Letters, news, awards, and magazines.

The Civil War Store. This Civil War Store located at the Pamplin Historical Park is known to be one of the best choices of Civil War gifts and books situated almost anywhere in America. The reproduction of military prints, flags, officer’s swords, weapons, dolls, DVDs, and videos from the 19th century clothing is also featured. It has limited edition action figures, toys and instruments which are available in the store as well. They may be online or found in the mall too.

Duty Called Me Here. This is very easy to see. It is a seven-gallery exhibit which brings visitors face-to-face with almost three million Americans who used to be part of the Civil War. With the aid of an MP3 player, an audio is played. This is done through the guidance of a soldier comrade the visitors must follow. As they do so, they get to have an idea on the experiences many have faced during the Civil War. To intensify this, there are videos, interactive computers, life-sized dioramas that hold more than 1,000 original objects. There is also a multi-sensory battlefield simulation which gives the real Civil War feels.

These are just some of the highlights that you may be able to see from the museum. If you plan to go on such but lacks finances for instance because you are from a far place, there is no need to worry because you can always get support in your finances to make it even more possible.

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